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International Sea and Land represents various internationally own suppliers including TWIN MARINE SERVICES CO., LTD.


Products include:

1) Fixed Part Deck and Deck Stanchions

  • Raised ISO Foundations
  • Raised Stowage Plates
  • Flushed ISO Foundations
  • Dovetail Foundation
  • Dovetail Plates
  • D-Ring

9-Fixed parts deck and deck stanchions 8-Raised ISO Foundations 7-Raised ISO Foundations 6-Raised stowage plates 5-Flush ISO Foundations 4.Dovetail plates 3-D-Rings 2-D-Rings 1-D-Rings

2) Fixed Parts Hold

  • Weldable Cones
  • Guide Fittings
  • Lashing Plates and Pots
  • Flush Sockets

7-Fixed parts hold 6-Weldable cones 5-Guide fittings 4-Lashpots 3-Lashing pot 2-Lashing plates 1-Flush lashpots

3) Loose Parts Hold

  • Turnbuckles
  • Lashing / Extension Rods
  • Stacking Cones (Single / Double / Lockable)
  • Twistlocks (Semi-Automatic / Midlocks / Dovetail)
  • Bridge Fittings
  • Pressure Elements

21-Loose parts hold 20-Loose parts hold 19-Turnbuckles 18-Turnbuckles 17-Turnbuckles 16-Lashing turnbuckle 15-Lashing Turnbuckles 14-Lashing rods 13-Extension rods 12-Single stacking cones 11-Double stacking cones 10-Lockable stacking cones 9-Semi-automatic twistlocks 8-Twistlocks 7-Midlocks 6-Dovetail twistlocks 5-Dovetail twistlocks 4-Dovetail twistlocks 3-Dovetail twistlocks 2-Bridge fittings 1-Pressure elements