Our specialty includes

1. Air conditioning & Refrigeration Systems for :

• L.P.G. vessels

• Fishing Vessels

• F.P.S.O

• Offshore Industry

• Factory Ships

• Tankers

• Industrial Installations

• Oil Rigs

• Offshore Module


2. Conversation of Hydrofluorocarbon (CFC and HCFC) refrigerant system such as R12, R22, R502 and etc. to ozone-friendly refrigerants such as R407C, R410A, etc.

3. Heat Exchanger fabrication, repair and supply. This includes:

• Refrigeration Condensers

• Oil Coolers

• Charge Air Coolers

• Tube Bundles

• Steam Heaters

• Refrigeration Evaporators


4. All related jobs for above such as:

• Copper and steel pipes

• Insulation for Cold Room, Pipes, Air Ducts etc.

• Electrical Controls Design, Modification and Installation

• Ventilation Ducting Design, Repair, Modification and Installation

• Repair, Design, Fabrication and Balancing of Centrifugal and Axial Flow Fans.

• Refrigeration Evaporators